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Our mission is straightforward.

To provide you with excellence and trust, the same hallmarks which have built our reputation with customers over the years.

We are experienced, efficient, offer value for money and deliver on time.

Established from a small, sole trader business SaveMyLight International has grown into a large ever changing retail business, where we not only sell, but also manufacture.

Our stock levels are high so there is usually no long waiting times for products to arrive.

With an ever increasing workforce we are committed to serving you.

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Expensive light fitting? Transformer blown? What do I do?

We all know how expensive light fittings can be, especially when they fail rendering the light inoperative and you struggle to find an original electronic lighting transformer.

So what do you do? You have two choices:-

1. Dispose of the light fitting.
2. Attempt to locate a replacement electronic transformer.

However the problem with finding a replacement transformer is that there are simply none available.
Retailers would rather leave you with no other alternative than to purchase another light fitting, even if you are happy with your light fitting and do not want to change it.

We have sourced GENUINE Eaglerise transformers so you can replace that faulty transformer in your light fitting.

This saves you money and allows you to keep your light for many more years to come.

We are the only UK stockist of Eaglerise products!

Contact Us Now To Order: enquire@savemylight.co.uk

Eaglerise transformers replace the following electronic transformers:-

  • Kaoyi
  • ZCT
  • Delta
  • Sheng Bao
  • Wang
  • Rayuan
  • Jindel
  • Goldel
  • Huibolong
  • San Qi
  • Anchorn
  • Self